Ask the Experts Panel Discussions

Scheduled Ask the Experts Panels

Developing a Strategic Training Plan
Mike Keating, RGA Reinsurance

Training and awareness is one of the most important activities performed by BC professionals, but it is also a significant challenge. Unfortunately, there is often very little strategic focus and planning when it comes to executing the organization’s business continuity planning processes, as well as executing response and recovery strategies. In this session, the panel will share the best of what we receive from the attendees, as well as offer commentary on best practices and solid solutions to build individual competencies and create awareness throughout the organization.

Exercise Facilitation Techniques
John Jackson, Fusion Risk Management, moderator (panel TBA)

Exercises are an excellent tool to develop competencies, create organizational awareness, identify opportunities for improvement, engage management, and prove that response and recovery capabilities work. Our panel is highly experienced in developing and facilitating exercise sessions that dramatically improve preparedness and management buy-in. This session will be a highly interactive discussion of ideas and techniques, ensuring that attendees leave with relevant and usable takeaways. 

The Case for Developing Organizational Resilience Capability
Mark Carroll, Income Research, moderator (panel TBA)

Out of the box thinking and taking creative, innovative actions to address those ideas are a few of the keys to developing the capability for organizational resilience.  Attendees will learn of and discuss examples of creative and innovative actions taken to improve the resilience capability of the organizations profiled. This session will consist of a series of five- to seven-minute presentations by various practitioners on innovative approaches that have been taken to enhance organizational resilience capability that were neither intuitive nor obvious and the capabilities that have been put in place. The session will include a brief Q&A with the practitioners profiled.

Business Resiliency Tool Insides and Outs
Tyrone Clark, CNA Insurance

Attend this session as an expert panel answers questions on business recovery program lifecycles. This vendor-neutral presentation will focus on best practices and lessons learned, as it addresses:

  • Program commitment
  • Sourcing engagement
  • Stakeholder awareness
  • Implementation
  • Go-Live
  • Post-Implementation/Enhancements